Course # (Section) Title Day/Times Instructor Location Term Course Details
AS.010.680 (01)Craft and Interaction in the Near East and Aegean during the Bronze and Iron AgesTh 1:30PM - 4:00PMAnderson, Emily S.K.; Feldman, MarianGilman 177Spring 2024
AS.040.629 (01)Missing Persons in Classical AntiquityF 11:30AM - 2:00PMGerolemou, MariaGilman 108Spring 2024
AS.040.702 (01)Reading Ancient Greek PoetrySmith, Joshua M Spring 2024
AS.040.710 (01)Reading Latin PoetryRoller, Matthew Spring 2024
AS.040.802 (01)Independent StudyRoller, Matthew Spring 2024
AS.040.802 (02)Independent StudyYatromanolakis, Dimitrios Spring 2024
AS.040.802 (03)Independent StudyAnderson, Emily S.K. Spring 2024
AS.040.802 (04)Independent StudyButler, Shane Spring 2024
AS.040.802 (05)Independent StudySmith, Joshua M Spring 2024
AS.040.802 (07)Independent Studyni Mheallaigh, Karen Spring 2024
AS.040.802 (08)Independent StudyPandey, Nandini Spring 2024
AS.040.810 (01)Exam Preparationni Mheallaigh, Karen Spring 2024
AS.040.815 (01)Dissertation ResearchAnderson, Emily S.K. Spring 2024
AS.040.815 (03)Dissertation ResearchRoller, Matthew Spring 2024
AS.040.815 (04)Dissertation Researchni Mheallaigh, Karen Spring 2024
AS.040.815 (05)Dissertation ResearchYatromanolakis, Dimitrios Spring 2024
AS.040.815 (06)Dissertation ResearchButler, Shane Spring 2024
AS.040.815 (07)Dissertation ResearchSmith, Joshua M Spring 2024
AS.040.815 (08)Dissertation ResearchPandey, Nandini Spring 2024
AS.213.627 (01)Lunar Poetics: Lucian to Kepler and BeyondTh 1:30PM - 4:00PMFrey, Christiane; ni Mheallaigh, KarenGilman 132Spring 2024
AS.040.816 (01)Summer Independent ResearchAnderson, Emily S.K. Summer 2024
AS.040.816 (02)Summer Independent ResearchButler, Shane Summer 2024
AS.040.816 (03)Summer Independent Researchni Mheallaigh, Karen Summer 2024
AS.040.816 (04)Summer Independent ResearchPandey, Nandini Summer 2024
AS.040.816 (05)Summer Independent ResearchRoller, Matthew Summer 2024
AS.040.816 (06)Summer Independent ResearchSmith, Joshua M Summer 2024
AS.040.816 (07)Summer Independent ResearchYatromanolakis, Dimitrios Summer 2024
AS.040.816 (08)Summer Independent ResearchCelenza, Chris S. Summer 2024
AS.010.639 (01)Obsessed with the Past: the Art and Architecture of Medieval RomeW 1:30PM - 4:00PMZchomelidse, NinoBLC 2043Fall 2024
AS.040.645 (01)Slavery and Literature in the Ancient Roman WorldW 1:30PM - 4:00PMLonda, ChristopherGilman 108Fall 2024
AS.040.647 (01)Play and the Ludic in Roman literature and cultureM 1:30PM - 4:30PMRoller, MatthewGilman 108Fall 2024
AS.040.705 (01)Reading Ancient Greek ProseGerolemou, Maria Fall 2024
AS.040.707 (01)Reading Latin ProseSmith, Joshua M Fall 2024
AS.040.801 (01)Independent StudyRoller, Matthew Fall 2024
AS.040.801 (02)Independent StudyButler, Shane Fall 2024
AS.040.801 (03)Independent StudySmith, Joshua M Fall 2024
AS.040.801 (04)Independent StudyYatromanolakis, Dimitrios Fall 2024
AS.040.801 (05)Independent StudyPandey, Nandini Fall 2024
AS.040.801 (06)Independent StudyAnderson, Emily S.K. Fall 2024
AS.040.801 (07)Independent Studyni Mheallaigh, Karen Fall 2024
AS.040.809 (01)Exam Preparationni Mheallaigh, Karen Fall 2024
AS.040.814 (01)Dissertation Researchni Mheallaigh, Karen Fall 2024
AS.040.814 (02)Dissertation ResearchAnderson, Emily S.K. Fall 2024
AS.040.814 (03)Dissertation ResearchRoller, Matthew Fall 2024
AS.040.814 (04)Dissertation ResearchYatromanolakis, Dimitrios Fall 2024
AS.040.814 (05)Dissertation ResearchButler, Shane Fall 2024
AS.040.814 (06)Dissertation ResearchSmith, Joshua M Fall 2024
AS.040.814 (07)Dissertation ResearchPandey, Nandini Fall 2024
AS.040.814 (08)Dissertation ResearchCelenza, Chris S. Fall 2024