• faculty

  • Emily Anderson

    Emily S. K. Anderson

    Senior Lecturer
    PhD, Yale University

    410-516-5691 Gilman 148

    Research Interests: Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age art and archaeology, material culture, sociocultural interaction, craft, glyptic

  • Richard Bett

    Professor, Philosophy and Classics
    PhD, University of California, Berkeley

    410-516-6863 Gilman 202

    Research Interests: Ancient Greek philosophy

  • Christopher Celenza

    Christopher Celenza

    (On leave) Charles Homer Haskins Professor, German and Romance Languages and Literatures and Classics
    PhD, Duke University; DrPhil, University of Hamburg

    Research Interests: Renaissance Latin, paleaeography, history of classical tradition

  • Silvia Montiglio

    Silvia Montiglio

    Basil L. Gildersleeve Professor of Classics and Director of Graduate Studies
    Doctorat, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales

    410-516-7563 Gilman 194

    Research Interests: Greek literature and culture; the ancient novel; Homer; philosophy

  • Matthew Roller

    Matthew Roller

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley

    410-516-5095 Gilman 102

    Research Interests: Latin literature; Roman social and cultural history; Graeco-Roman philosophy

  • Alan Shapiro

    H. Alan Shapiro

    Acting Chair, 2013-14, W.H. Collins Vickers Professor of Archaeology
    PhD, Princeton University

    410-516-8221 Gilman 190

    Research Interests: Greek and Roman art and archaeology; Greek iconography and religion

  • dimitrios-yatroman

    Dimitrios Yatromanolakis

    Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
    D.Phil., University of Oxford

    410-516-7557 Gilman 104

    Research Interests: Greek papyrology; ancient Greek vase inscriptions; archaic and classical social and cultural history; ancient Greek vase painting; historical and comparative anthropology

Visiting Faculty

Genevieve Gessert
Adjunct Associate Professor (Fall 2013)
Associate Professor of Art & Archaeology, Hood College
Roman art and archaeology; reception of classical archaeology; Latin epigraphy; Hellenistic culture
Office: Gilman 148

Contributing Faculty

Sanchita Balachandran
Curator, JHU Archaeological Collection
Lecturer, Near Eastern Studies
Art and archaeological conservation
Office: Gilman 137

Richard Jasnow
Professor, Near Eastern Studies

Herbert Kessler
Professor Emeritus, History of Art
Late Antique, Early Christian, and Byzantine Art History

Gareth Schmeling
Professor Emeritus, University of Florida
Latin: Petronius, Apuleius, Historia Apollonii; Greek: Chariton, Xenophon; ancient novel; textual criticism


Marcel Detienne
Professor Emeritus
Mythology, religion, and social and cultural history of ancient Greece; classics and anthropology


Donald Juedes
Milton S. Eisenhower Library

Ginnie Miller
Department Administrator
Graduate Admissions Coordinator

Frank Hallam
Information Technology Specialist

Graduate Students

Michele Asuni
Laurea in Lettere Antiche, University of Pisa, 2010
Scholarly Interests: Greek literature, ancient vegetarianism, color in ancient Greece, ancient Greek philosophy (the Presocratics), ancient Greek painting

Ross Brendle
Classical Art and Archaeology
BA, History of Art, University of California, Berkeley, 2008
Scholarly Interests: Greek archaeology, vase painting, and iconography

Elisabeth Campbell
Classical Art and Archaeology
BA, History, University of Bielefeld, Germany, 2005
Scholarly Interests: social and political history of the Roman Republic

Jacquelyn Clements
Classical Art and Archaeology
BFA, Painting and Art History, Maryland Institute College of Art, 2004
MA, Classical Archaeology, Florida State University, 2007
Scholarly Interests: Greek art, iconography, myth, and philosophy

Daniel Dooley
BA, Classics, University of Virginia, 2008
Scholarly Interests: Greek historiography, historical linguistics

Laura Garofalo
Classical Art and Archaeology
BA, Classics, Northwestern University, 2008
Scholarly Interests: Roman social and cultural history, Greek and Roman art and material culture, ancient childhood and family life, commemorative and funerary contexts

Daniel S. Houston
BA, Classics, University of Vermont, 2006
MA, Classics, University of Vermont, 2008
Scholarly Interests: textual transmission and criticism, historical linguistics, codicology and bibliography

Laura Hutchison
Classical Art and Archaeology
BA, Art History, Hendrix College, 2008
MA, Art History, University of California, Davis, 2010
Scholarly Interests: Greek art and archaeology (sculpture, pottery, and cult)

Nicholas Kauffman
BA, English, Hillsdale College, 2008
Scholarly Interests: Greek poetry and language, ancient critical theory

Jessica Lamont
Classical Art and Archaeology
BA, Classics, Anthropology, The College of William and Mary, 2008
Scholarly Interests: Greek art and archaeology, Greek healing cults

Kristina Mueller
BA, Latin/Greek, Free University Berlin, Germany, 2009
MA, Classics, Free University Berlin, Germany, 2011
Scholarly Interests: Latin literature and culture of the late Republic and the Early Empire

Shana O’Connell
Classical Art and Archaeology
BA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Scholarly Interests: Roman art and archaeology

Timothy James Phin
BA, Ancient Studies, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2004
Scholarly Interests: Roman social and cultural history, children and childhood in antiquity, Latin literature, ancient sexuality

Danilo Piana
Laurea in Lettere Classiche, Universit degli Studi di Genova, Italy, 2009
Scholarly Interests: Greek Archaic poetry, Golden and Silver Latin, textual criticism, classical and medieval philology, sounds and colors in antiquity

Anna Ellen Simpson Smith
BA, University of Michigan, 2013
Scholarly Interests: Latin Literature of the Late Republic and Early Empire, historiography, narratology

Timothy Smith
BA, University of California, Los Angeles, 2010
Scholarly Interests: early Greek elegy, Greek lyric poetry and performance

Sarit Stern
BA, History, University of Tel Aviv, 2001
MA, Ancient History, University of Tel Aviv, 2005
Scholarly Interests: mythology and religion, comparative mythology, gender issues, literature in social context

Adam Tabeling
Classical Art and Archaeology
BA, Anthropology and Classics, University of Colorado, 2011
Scholarly Interests: Roman architecture, Roman topography, and Roman sculpture

Robert Webber
BA, University of Oregon, 2002
Scholarly Interests: ancient historiography, political and critical theory

Yuan Zhao
BA, Fudan University, 2005
MA, Fudan University, 2008
Scholarly Interests: Augustan poetry and historiography