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An Archaeology of Representations: Ancient Greek Vase-Painting and Contemporary Methodologies

Cover of An Archaeology of Representations

How can we read the intricacies of figural representations painted on pottery? Such a hermeneutic progress depends on our broader understanding of ancient Greek visual signs and languages, as well as on the methodological strategies we construct and apply to our analyses. Exploring diverse methodologies, adopted or advanced in older as well as in more […]

Worshiping Women: Ritual and Reality in Classical Athens

Worshiping Women cover

This exhibition catalogue, divided into three main sections, is an essential collection of images and descriptions of each of the 155 artifacts of the exhibition, containing also scrutinizing essays on the important role women played in Classical Athens. The first section, “Goddesses and Heroines”, introduces the principal female deities of Athens and Attica, in whose […]

Sextus Empiricus: Against the Logicians

Sextus Empiricus Cover

By far the most detailed surviving examination by any ancient Greek sceptic of epistemology and logic, this work critically reviews the pretensions of non-sceptical philosophers, to have discovered methods for determining the truth, either through direct observation or by inference from the observed to the unobserved. A fine example of the Pyrrhonist sceptical method at […]

Angelo Poliziano: Letters (vol. 1)

Angelo Poliziano: Letters (vol. 1)

Angelo Poliziano (1454–1494) was one of the great scholar-poets of the Italian Renaissance and the leading literary figure of the Age of Lorenzo de’ Medici, “il Magnifico.” His correspondence gives us an intimate glimpse of the revival of classical literature from the pen of a man at the very center of the Renaissance movement. This […]

The Lost Italian Renaissance: Humanists, Historians, and Latin’s Legacy

The intellectual heritage of the Italian Renaissance rivals that of any period in human history. Yet even as the social, political, and economic history of Renaissance Italy inspires exciting and innovative scholarship, the study of its intellectual history has grown less appealing, and our understanding of its substance and significance remains largely defined by the […]